Sample itinerary by 8 days & 7 nights 960,oo usd per person

Day 01. - Arrive in the town of Puerto Francisco de Orellana - El Coca. Transfer by bus to the Shiripuno's river (2 hours from city of El Coca), then take a motor canoe between 4 and 5 hours to reach Camp Shiripuno. A box lunch will be served in the route. In the night a short nocturnal walk in the jungle will end our first travel day. Dinner and rest.

Day 02. - Breakfast at 06:30 am, then sail down the river Shiripuno and later by the river where we admire Cononaco the local flora and fauna (monkeys, alligators, parrots, etc.), Lunch on the way. Arrival to the Huaorani community of Bameno and evening enjoy a cultural interaction in the jungle with the Huaorani comunity. Dinner and rest.

Day 03. - Breakfast. Hiking in the jungle, visit a parrot clay lick to observe different species of parrots and macaws, the lick is composed of clay that is essential to its diet. Lunch. In the afternoon return to the Bameno's village where Huaoranis legendary warriors will share their exploits and customs. Dinner and rest.

Day 04. - Breakfast. Early sail down the Cononaco river, great opportunity to see tapirs, monkeys, dolphins and more wildlife. Hiking in the forest with local guides Huaoranis. Lunch. Fishing. Dinner. At night we will be faithful witnesses of a shamanic ritual, making Ayahuasca. Optional for passengers who wish to have this experience.

Day 05. - Breakfast. Cultural interaction in the jungle where you will learn about the Huaorani hunting system. Return by the Cononaco river, along the river we can see many species of mammals. Lunch. Presentation cultural Huaorani: dance and music. Dinner and rest.

Day 06. - Breakfast. Cultural interaction in the community, visit their farms (crops). Lunch. Short hike inside the forest to know about the medicinal plants and its use by the Huaorani people. Dinner. Nocturnal boat excursion by the rivers to observe caimans. Dinner and rest.

Day 07. - Begin the return to Coca's city, arriving to Shiripuno Camp where will enjoy the last adventure night.

Day 08. - Departure from Camp Shiripuno to the city of El Coca. End of our services.

  • we guarantee the operation with a minimum of 2 passengers registered
  • dates with guaranteed departures
  • see dates for groups
  • see rates for groups over 6 people traveling together
  • rates available begining and ending the tour in Coca's city


  • personal equipment - rainponcho - torch (flashlight) - binoculars - prescription medicines
  • Huaorani comunity entrance - 60,oo usd
  • land or air transportation from Quito or other cities to and from Coca's city


  • air transportation from Shell Mera to Waorany territory (250,oo usd) per person
  • air transportation QUITO - COCA - QUITO (210,oo usd) per person


Cotton shirts Small backpack (waterproof) Insect repellent Shorts, 2 or more
T- Shirts, 3 or more Binoculars Torch (flashlight) Sun block
Bathing suit Cotton underwear Original Passport Sunglasses
Hat or cap Water Canteen Sweater Book and notebook
Toiletries Long trousers, 2 or more High speed film Cotton socks
Comfortable walking sandal Money Prescription medicines and small first aid kit


Huaorani Expeditions

  • (593 98) 4 024 100
  • (593 98) 8 425 559
  • Coca's city - Pto. Francisco de Orellana YASUNI National Park C.P. 220150 Hotel OASIS - Of 102

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